Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music
Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music Joy of Music Festival 2015, Chopin, Piano, Guitar, Hong Kong, Classic Music
Chopin, Joy of Music Festival, Music Festical, Piano, Guitar, Music Competition
Chopin, Joy of Music Festival, Music Festical, Piano, Guitar, Music Competition

The Borodin Quartet

“[…] their almost preternatural ability to synchronise as though they were one single instrument.” The Independent

Jof of Music Festival 2018 Artists
Ruben Aharonian - violin
Sergei Lomovsky - violin
Igor Naidin - viola
Vladimir Balshin – cello

For more than seventy years, the Borodin Quartet has been celebrated for its insight and authority in the chamber music repertoire. Revered for its searching performances of Beethoven and Shostakovich, the Quartet is equally at home in music ranging from Mozart to Stravinsky.

Described by the Daily Telegraph Australia as “the Russian grand masters”, the Borodin Quartet’s particular affinity with Russian repertoire is based on constant promotion, performances and recording of the pillars of Russian string quartet music - Borodin, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich, as well as Glinka, Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Schnittke. The Quartet is universally recognised for its genuine interpretation of Russian music, generating critical acclaim all over the world; the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes about them “here we have not four individual players, but a single sixteen-stringed instrument of great virtuosity”.

The Quartet’s connection with Shostakovich’s chamber music is intensely personal, since it was stimulated by a close relationship with the composer, who personally supervised its study of each of his quartets. Widely regarded as definitive interpretations, the Quartet’s cycles of the complete Shostakovich’s quartets have been performed all over the world, including Vienna, Zurich, Frankfurt, Madrid, Lisbon, Seville, London, Paris and New York. The idea of performing a complete cycle of Shostakovich’s quartets originated with the Borodin Quartet. In recent seasons, the ensemble has returned to a broader repertoire, including works by Schubert, Prokofiev, Borodin and Tchaikovsky, while continuing to be welcomed and acclaimed at major venues throughout the world.

The Borodin Quartet was formed in 1945 by four students from the Moscow Conservatory and remains one of the very few existing established chamber ensembles with uninterrupted longevity. The world has changed beyond recognition since 1945; the Borodin Quartet, meanwhile, has retained its commitment to tonal beauty, technical excellence and penetrating musicianship. The ensemble’s cohesion and vision have survived successive changes in personnel, thanks not least to the common legacy shared by its members from their training at the Moscow Conservatory. The current members of the Quartet are Ruben Aharonian, Sergei Lomovsky, Igor Naidin and Vladimir Balshin.

In addition to performing quartets, the Borodin Quartet regularly joins forces with other distinguished musicians to further explore the chamber music repertoire. Their partners have included Sviatoslav Richter, Yuri Bashmet, Michael Collins, Alexei Volodin, Mario Brunello, Elisabeth Leonskaja, Christoph Eschenbach, Boris Berezovsky, Denis Matsuev and Nikolai Lugansky. The Quartet have also recently collaborated with Vladimir Jurowski in Dresden performing the Martinu and Schulhoff concertos for orchestra and string quartet, a partnership which they have repeated last season in Moscow and this season in London.

The Quartet also regularly receives invitations to give masterclasses, and to serve as jury members at major international competitions.

Highlights in 2018/19 include widely anticipated full tours of Australia for Musica Viva and New Zealand for Chamber Music New Zealand; performances at the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center New York, Library of Congress in Washington DC, Friends of Chamber Music Miami, Victoria Concert Hall Singapore, Wigmore Hall London, Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Società dei Concerti di Milano, as well as a special residency at the Kanazawa Spring Green Festival in Japan; further performances include Taipei, Hong Kong and Moscow, with tours of South Korea, China, Belgium and Canada; playing the quartets of Shostakovich, Haydn, Tchaikovsky, Wolf, Beethoven, Mozart, Prokofiev, and Stravinsky.

Chamber music partners in 2018/19 include Alexei Volodin, Michael Collins, Sergei Nakariakov and Daniil Grishin. The Borodin Quartet will also begin a Shostakovich Cycle at the Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam and will reprise their relationship with conductor Vladimir Jurowski to perform the Schulhoff and Martinů Concertos for String Quartet with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, at the Royal Festival Hall in London.

The Quartet’s first release on the Onyx label, featuring Borodin, Schubert, Webern and Rachmaninov, was nominated for a Grammy in 2005 in the “Best Chamber Performance” category. The Borodin Quartet has produced a rich heritage of recordings over several decades, for labels including EMI, RCA and Teldec, including the Complete Beethoven quartets for CHANDOS. The Quartet’s recording of the complete Shostakovich String Quartet Cycle for Decca was released in September 2018, following the first release in the cycle, a dedicated 70th anniversary CD (of string quartets Nos.1, 8, and 14), released in March 2015.



被澳洲每日電訊稱為「俄羅斯大師」,鮑羅丁四重奏與俄羅斯曲目的特殊關係是基於不斷的推廣,表演和灌錄: 鮑羅丁,柴可夫斯基和蕭士塔高維契,以及格林卡 ,史特拉汶斯基,普羅科菲耶夫和施尼特克的作品。他們因其對俄羅斯音樂的真正詮釋而得到普遍認可,在全世界引起了廣泛讚譽。Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung寫道,「在這裡,我們沒有四個獨立的演奏家,而是一個擁有十六弦精湛技藝的樂器」。

鮑羅丁四重奏與蕭士塔高維契的室樂音樂的關係非常個人化,因為與作曲家的密切關係刺激了他曾親自監督對他的每個四重奏的演繹。他們完整的蕭士塔高維契四重奏的在世界各地進行演奏,更被廣泛認為是徹底的演繹,包括在: 維也納,蘇黎世,法蘭克福,馬德里,里斯本,塞維利亞,倫敦,巴黎和紐約。 演奏蕭士塔高維契四重奏的完整想法起源於鮑羅丁四重奏。最近幾季,該樂團已經回歸更廣泛的曲目,包括舒伯特,普羅科菲耶夫,鮑羅丁和柴可夫斯基的作品,同樣繼續受到全世界主要演出場館的歡迎和好評。

鮑羅丁四重奏於1945年由莫斯科音樂學院的四名學生組成,並且仍然是極少數還成立的室樂團之一,具有不間斷的長壽。自1945年以來,世界已變,但與此同時,鮑羅丁四重奏仍保持了對音調的美,卓越的技術和透徹音樂的承諾。 整個團隊的凝聚力和視野在成員的不斷變化中倖存下來,這要歸功於其成員在莫斯科音樂學院的共同培訓。 現在的四位成員是Ruben Aharonian,Sergei Lomovsky,Igor Naidin和Vladimir Balshin。

除了表演四重奏外,鮑羅丁四重奏還定期與其他傑出音樂家合作,進一步研究室樂曲目。 與他們合作的包括: Sviatoslav Richter,Yuri Bashmet,Michael Collins,Alexei Volodin,Mario Brunello,Elisabeth Leonskaja,Christoph Eschenbach,Boris Berezovsky,Denis Matsuev和Nikolai Lugansky。鮑羅丁四重奏最近還在德累斯頓與Vladimir Jurowski合作,為管弦樂團和弦樂四重奏組演奏了Martinu和Schulhoff的協奏曲,他們上季在莫斯科和本季在倫敦再度合作。


2018/19年的重點演出包括廣受期待的與澳洲Musica Viva和新西蘭的新西蘭室樂團作全國巡迴演出,還有在重要場館演出,包括紐約林肯中心室樂協會,華盛頓國會圖書館,邁阿密室樂之友,新加坡維多利亞音樂廳,倫敦威格摩爾音樂廳,阿姆斯特丹皇家音樂廳,米蘭社區音樂廳,以及特別駐留在日本金澤的Spring Green Festival。進一步會到台北,香港和莫斯科,以及韓國,中國,比利時和加拿大等地演奏蕭士塔高維契,海頓,柴可夫斯基,沃爾夫,貝多芬,莫扎特,普羅科菲耶夫和斯特拉文斯基的四重奏作品。

2018/19年的室樂合作夥伴包括: Alexei Volodin,Michael Collins,Sergei Nakariakov和Daniil Grishin。Borodin四重奏還將在阿姆斯特丹皇家音樂廳開始演奏蕭士塔高維契的作品,並將在倫敦皇家音樂廳與指揮家Vladimir Jurowski再度合作,聯同倫敦愛樂樂團演出Schulhoff and Martinů Concertos的弦樂四重奏。

鮑羅丁四重奏在Onyx品牌上的第一個發行,包括Borodin,Schubert,Webern和Rachmaninov,於2005年被提名為格萊美獎的「最佳室樂表演」類別。 幾十年來,Borodin四重奏已經為EMI,RCA和Teldec等製錄作了不同的唱片,包括CHANDOS完整的貝多芬四重奏。 Decca完整的蕭士塔高維契弦樂四重奏,於2018年9月發行,是繼2015年3月發行的第七十週年紀念CD (弦樂四重奏第1版,第8版和第14版)後的推出。



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