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The Chopin Society of Hong Kong is proud to presnt the Three “THANK YOU” Free piano recitals and master classes by the three First Prize winners of the past Hong Kong International Piano Competitions:

Ilya Rashkovskiy (2005) , Jinsang Lee (2008)
Giuseppe Andaloro (2011)

to take place on Fri. 24th, Sat. 25th and Sun. 26th October respectively,
at the Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall,
Recitals at 20:00. Master Classes at 10:00 to 14:00.

The Chopin Society’s 4th International Piano Competition, scheduled to be held during 10-27 October 2014 has had to be postponed to October-November 2016 (dates to be confirmed) because of the events in Hong Kong.

As the Society explained in its press releases and in its communications in the social media, it considered it irresponsible and unwise to hold an event scheduled to last for 18 consecutive days and involving at least 45 members of jury, candidates and invited artists coming from overseas, at a time when there was no guarantee of it not being interrupted or of its timely and peaceful running. As the Competition involved 4 Rounds, any interruption or cancelation of a single Round could have derailed the whole Competition. There was also the added, and very serious consideration, that the Society could have put in jeopardy its sponsors’ money in attempting to run an event which could have been partially cancelled or poorly run, thus wasting valuable resources and not delivering what the Society had contractually undertaken to its sponsors to deliver.

However, all this is in the past and we look forward to seeing you all at our next yearly event:
The Joy of Music Festival 2015, with confirmed dates 12-18 October 2015 and at The 4th Hong Kong International Piano Competition, October-November 2016 (exact dates to be announced once we can confirm the availability of the Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall)
In-between, however, we are delighted to offer our Hong Kong friends and audience, these three FREE recitals from the three first prize winners of each of our Hong Kong International Piano Competitions which have taken place so far: Ilya Rashkovskiy (2005), Jinsang Lee (2008) and Giuseppe Andaloro (2011). Our winners will also give free master classes during these three days, as follows:

Fri. 24th Oct. 2014 10:00 - 14:00 Master classes by Giuseppe Andaloro
  20:00 Piano Recital by Ilya Rashkovskiy
Sat. 25th Oct. 2014 10:00 - 14:00 Master classes by Ilya Rashkvskiy
  20:00 Piano Recital by Jinsang Lee
Sun. 26th Oct. 2014 10:00 - 14:00 Master classes by Jinsang Lee
  20:00 Piano Recital by Giuseppe Andaloro

All details and programs can be found in the following pages.
Last but not least, our latest two CDs issued by our label Alpha Omega Sound will be on sale during these recitals. The CDs feature Ilya Rashkovskiy and Giuseppe Andaloro on pianos and Giovanni Sollima and Monika Leskovar on cellos from live recordings of their performances in the 2013 Joy of Music Festival. We are very excited about these two new CDs both because of their stunning musical content and of their superb audiophile sound.
Once again, THANK YOU to you, our audience and friends, for your support and understanding.

Dr Andrew Freris
Chairman, The Chopin Society of Hong Kong Ltd.

香港蕭邦社隆重呈獻 三場免費「感謝您」鋼琴演奏會及大師班! 10月24﹑25﹑26連續三天,假座香港大會堂, 歷屆大賽冠軍傾情演繹。

蘭殊高夫斯基(2005)、李振尚(2008)及 安達羅洛(2011)






在此等待期間,蕭邦社十分榮幸向香港的觀眾朋友呈獻三場免費「歷屆冠軍演奏會」及大師班! 詳情如下:

10月24日(星期五) 上午十時至下午二時 安達羅洛—大師班
  晚上八時 蘭殊高夫斯基 鋼琴演奏會
10月25日(星期六) 上午十時至下午二時 蘭殊高夫斯基—大師班
  晚上八時 李振尚 鋼琴演奏會
10月26日(星期日) 上午十時至下午二時 李振尚—大師班
  晚上八時 安達羅洛 鋼琴演奏會

我們亦欣然宣佈,蕭邦社旗下唱片品牌Alpha Omega Sound將於演奏會期間發行二張最新音樂專輯,此乃蘭殊高夫期基﹑安達羅洛﹑索里馬(鋼琴)和利斯高娃(大提琴)於2013年美樂聚音樂節的現場錄音。 我們祝願這二張音樂精湛製作精美的唱片,給您帶來一份音樂的喜悅。

再次「感謝您」, 親愛的觀眾和朋友們! 感謝您的支持和理解,風雨同路。

香港蕭邦社主席 謹啟

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